Shock Rebuilds

If your shocks are rebuild-able, chances are, we can rebuild them!

We rebuild shocks from FOX, KING, ICON, DIRT LOGIC, FOA, RADFLO as long as we can get the parts.

If you have shocks that need to be rebuilt, send us the brand and model number of each shock and we will see if the shock rebuild kits are available.

Shock rebuilding costs:

  • Rebuild kits range from $20-$120 per shock.
  • Shock Oil: Typical set of 4 – 2.5″ shocks will take a gallon:  $65 per gallon.
  • Nitrogen is $8 per shock.
  • Labor is $50-$150 per shock.

A pre-build total cost will be determined once we have the model number(s) of the shocks.

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