SVT Raptor Reinforced Front Spindle Exchange Program

Ford Raptor OE Spindle with Reinforcement

Reinforced SVT Raptor Steering Knuckles / Spindles.

If you off road your 2010-2014 Raptor, you might want to take a look at these reinforced knuckles!

The design of the OE cast iron knuckles are a weak and can make for a really bad day when they fail. We offer an SVT Raptor Steering Knuckle reinforcement Kit where we strengthen the stock steering knuckle and reduce chance of your knuckles failing on the trail.

Experience has taught us a hard lesson: the Raptor OE spindles are a real weak point on your front suspension. As you know, Raptors are over 6,000 pounds and the Raptor spindles are not really built to take any real punishment. We Rebuild Shocks Fox Ford Raptor Broken OE Spindle The picture on the left shows what happened to one of our guys on a recent trip. The weird part is the spindle broke in a washout, the same washout that several of us had already passed without any trouble.

The driver of the broken spindle was not jumping or doing anything stupid, he just caught the washout in a bad spot. We Rebuild Shocks Fox Ford Raptor Spindle Trail Fix In the picture to the right you will see the trail fix we did on the spindle and the solution we came up with to prevent this type of thing from happening again.

If you would like to greatly minimize the chance that your Raptor spindles will break while out in the middle of no where, you need these reinforced knuckles. We offer two options for reinforcing your spindles:

Option 1: $500 – You send us your SVT Raptor Spindles and we weld on our Raptor Spindle Gusset Kit.

Option 2: $650 – We send you a set of Gusseted Raptor Spindles and you send us back your old Raptor Spindles.

NOTE: We offer 2 versions of the gusset kit, the prices above reflect using the OE tie rods, if you are going aftermarket tie rods we have a double sheer steering version as well… add $50

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