Ford Raptor Fox Shock Exchange Program

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Why spend $2300+ to replace your old warn out OE Fox shocks, when we can rebuild your shocks at a fraction of the cost!?

Did you know Ford Raptor’s FOX 2.5 shocks have a defined life cycle?

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Depending on use, your FOX 2.5 shocks need to be rebuilt between 30,000-50,000 miles (see chart).

The cost to rebuild a set of four Fox Raptor shocks is only $500 if they are already off the truck, or $750 if we need to remove the shocks from the truck and rebuild those shocks the same day. It costs $2300 or more to replace all four shocks for four new OE shocks if you buy the new OE shocks from the Ford or Motorcraft Dealer.

A question we get a lot is... Can’t I just send my old shocks down to Fox to get my shocks rebuilt? The answer is YES! Yes, you can send your old shocks to Fox and have them rebuilt, however, the cost for the rebuild is about $80 more and Fox will rebuild them to OE spec.  Another downside is it can take well over a month for you to get your new shocks back…. yes a MONTH! And that does not include the shipping back and forth! That means your truck is down, without shocks, for a month or more! This is exactly why we designed the Shock Exchange Program.

Here’s How the Shock Exchange Program Works: We at Forged Offroad will build up a set of OE Ford/Fox Raptor shocks or and ship the shocks to you.  Once the shocks arrive you have 7 business days to swap in the rebuilt shocks for your old shocks and send us back your old shocks.  We then rebuild your old shocks, and once complete we send these newly rebuilt shocks to the next guy needing a rebuild.  It’s that simple! AND the best part is your truck is only down for a few hours, not a month or more!

Performance Upgrades for your Ford Raptor Shocks:  In addition to offering the Shock Exchange Program, which greatly minimizes the time your truck is down, we can also rebuild your shocks to your specific spec. needs, improving the overall performance of your off road vehicle.  Why rebuild to OE spec shocks when we can improve the performance of your shocks??  From Mid Perching & Flutter Stacks, to full custom set-ups, we can customize your shocks to perform far better than when your truck and shocks were brand new!

NEW NEW NEW! The new Viton Seals are finally here!! We already use better butyl rubber seals than the shocks originally came with for our standard rebuild kits but now we have the best of the best seals made of Viton. Viton handles a wider range of temperatures and does not wear out as quickly as butyl. Every Fox shock that is 3.0 or larger comes with Viton seals from the factory and now you can have the same high performance Viton seals in your shocks!

NEW NEW NEW! Protect your lower control arms from the damage caused by the OE bolt!

As you can see from the picture, the threads from the OE bolt have eaten into the lower control arms. Forged Offroad has a custom replacement bolt that will prevent any further damage and outlast the truck. Click Here for more info.

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Forged Offroad Raptor Lower Control Arm Damage
Damage caused by the OE bolt.
OE Lower Shock Bolt vs Forged Offroad Lower Shock Bolt
OE Lower Shock Bolt vs Forged Offroad Lower Shock Bolt
Forged Offroad Front Lower Shock Bolt vs OE
Forged Offroad Front Lower Shock Bolt vs OE

Here is Forged Offroad shock service pricing

Local Customers:

  • $300 – Drop off and Rebuilt a front or rear pair of shocks*
  • $550 – All four shocks uninstalled from the truck will be rebuilt and ready for pick up in 24-48 hours.*
  • $800 – Make a appointment with us at Forged Offroad to bring us your truck and have your shocks removed, rebuilt, and reinstalled. *
    This takes 3-4 hours. By appointment only. Click HERE!

Send Your Shocks in for rebuilding:

  • $550 – Send us your shocks and we will rebuild them with higher quality seals than factory and have them shipped back to you in 48 hours once they are received. Shipping both directions not included. Click HERE to send us your shocks.
    NOTE: Shocks will be disassembled and inspected for damage. Before rebuilding you will be notified about any worn-out or damaged parts and the cost to replace.

Exchange Program:

  • $550 + $500 deposit/core –We will ship out a rebuilt set of shocks for $1050 + Round Trip Shipping ($550 rebuilt shocks / $500 deposit). The $500 deposit will be refunded, minus any replacement parts, upon receipt and inspection of your old shocks**.NOTE: Refinishing: If your shocks have rust or corrosion on them, they will need to be refinished before we can send them out to the next customer. The Refinishing fee is $250 and will be added to the invoice before we ship out the rebuilt set.
    NOTE: If your shocks are damaged or in need of new bushings, we will deduct the cost from the deposit amount to cover the cost.

Options & Upgrades:

  • $100 – Viton Seal Kit Upgrade – Top Quality Viton Seals Throughout the shock
  • $180 – Spherical Bearings (pair) – Replace the expensive OE Bushings with our new Spherical Bearings that will last 2-3 times longer!
  • $30 Forged Offroad Replacement Front Lower Shock Bolts- Save your lower control arms from damage with our grade 10.9 properly shanked bolts (pair)
  • $50 Mid Perch- Resetting your springs for better performance and a level stance. (only needs to be done once).
  • $80 Flutter Stack – Originally Designed to handle washboard roads (and it works well), we discovered “on the road” benefits as well, such as it eliminates 30-40% rear wheel hop & absorbs rough roads better (all 4 shocks).
  • $80 Custom Schrader Valves – 1/2 the shocks we see have low Nitrogen Pressure. Make it easy to refill the nitrogen when required by adding our schrader valves! (full set of 4)
  • $80 Level 1 Off Road – Set up for more aggressive off-road but still very street-able – We Recommend Level 1 to anyone that off-roads their truck!
  • $160 Level 2 Off Road – Even more aggressive off-road, customized progressive stack for the serious weekend warrior
  • $180Level 3 Off Road – Very aggressive off-road, customized progressive stack. Level 3 is NOT recommended for people who daily drive their trucks.
  • $250 Refinish with Vinyl Wrap – for all four shocks (Standard is brush aluminum vinyl).
Refinished Rear Ford Fox Raptor Shock
Top: Refinished Rear Shock vs Bottom: OE Rear Shock
  • $350 Custom Finish – Make your shocks stand out with a custom vinyl wrap! Carbon Fiber? Body Color? Flat Black? We can do it! NOTE: Requires 2 additional days. NOTE: If your shocks are already getting refinished, custom colors are only $100 more.


Forged Offroad Custom Ford Raptor Shocks
Forged Offroad Custom Ford Raptor Shocks

*Standard shock rebuild.  Includes all new fluid, seals & nitrogen recharge.*

**If any parts are damaged and require replacement, additional charges will apply for replacement parts. A typical failure are the bleed screws on shocks that have not been rebuilt within standard intervals, leaving the bleed screws corroded into the wiper cap and can therefore no longer be removed.  The only solution is to replace the cap, the bleeder screws and the ball valves at a cost of $65 for each cap.

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