A little over 2 years ago, a local group of Raptor owners decided not to wait to have Fox rebuild our shocks (as it can take a month or more to get our shocks rebuilt by Fox!).  So we decided to figure it out how to rebuild the shocks for ourselves…. and well, then we started rebuilding shocks for other off road guys on the Forums, and now we rebuild shocks for off roaders from all over the country!

Not only have we rebuilt nearly 100 sets of shocks, we have also been tuning shocks for our individual requirements, and WOW what a difference a properly tuned shock makes over an OE build.  Although in every Raptor commercial made by Ford they have a Raptor jumping and generally tearing up the desert, we have come to discover that Ford actually set up Raptors to be driven mainly on the road.  Therefore, Ford tuned the shocks on their Raptors for comfort rather than off-road performance.  We have found that with a few tweaks, the OE 2 1/2″ shocks can perform so much better on and off the road!

We are enthusiasts, and we regularly take our trucks to the Northern Nevada desert and have fun!  If you are local, you are welcome to come off road with us! Here is where you can sign up to come with us!

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  1. Easy appointment. They are very knowledgeable about the raptor trucks and especially the shock package. They were able to answer all questions and finish my truck in just a few hours. My shocks were closely inspected and 2 needed new end bushings. I opted for the stage 1 upgrade. Driving home I’m very happy. Satisfied customer here.

  2. The best and only Ford Raptor shock exchange service. If you need your Fox 2.5 shocks rebuilt then these are the guys. Fast, knowledgeable as well as the only inovator when it come to maximizing the performance of the 2.5 internal bypass shock. You can’t go wrong with their services.

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