Ford Raptor Fox Shock Exchange Program

(Picture of a set of refinished shocks) Why spend $2300+ to replace your old warn out OE Fox shocks, when we can rebuild your shocks at a fraction of the cost!? Did you know Ford Raptor’s FOX 2.5 shocks have a defined life cycle? Depending[…]

3.0 Fox Upgrade / Trade In Program!

Fox Shox Trade up / Trade In Upgrade Program! As good as the OE 2.5 shocks are, going 3.0’s are a serious upgrade on and off the road! As we are Authorized Fox Shox Racing dealers, we now offer direct bolt in 3.0’s for your[…]

Custom Shock Tuning

Custom Shock Tuning will transform your rig from good… to GREAT! No matter what platform you have, shocks can make or break your off road experience. As you can see in the featured image, a fairly built Ford Raptor is doing a “Lawn Dart” because[…]

Fox Racing Shocks Authorized Dealer and Service Center Northern California

Fox Authorized Dealer

We are a Fox Authorized dealer! It wasn’t easy, but we finally became a Fox dealer! If you are looking for new shocks, you have come to the right place! We offer the full range of Fox Racing shocks and the expertise to install and[…]

Rebuild Shocks Fox, King, Icon and more

Shock Rebuilds

If your shocks are rebuild-able, chances are, we can rebuild them! We rebuild shocks from FOX, KING, ICON, BILSTEIN, DIRT LOGIC, FOA, KUSTER, RADFLO, SWAY-AWAY and WALKER as long as we can get the parts. If you have shocks that need to be rebuilt, send us the brand and model number of[…]